American Water Challenges Public to Take the Pledge to Drink Tap Water

Company urges consumers to have a plastic bottle-free day on Earth Day

American Water is marking its 125th anniversary this week by launching its America On Tap public education campaign. The campaign, which also is being launched the week of the nation’s Earth Day celebrations, encourages consumers to “take the pledge” to drink tap water in recognition of its environmental and economic benefits.

According to the Container Recycling Institure, an average of 38 billion water bottles per year – approximately 85% of all plastic water bottles consumed in the U.S. – end up in the trash each year, rather than being recycled. American Water is challenging consumers to “take the pledge” to reduce their reliance on disposable water bottles with a voluntary online pledge form at As consumers complete the pledge form, they are asked to estimate the number of bottles per week they consume, and American Water will track the “savings” to the environment over the course of the year.

The America On Tap campaign is part of a year-long consumer education initiative in honor of the company’s 125th anniversary, designed to raise awareness about the value of water and the importance of protecting water quality and supply from source to tap.

To kick-off the America on Tap initiative, the company is urging consumers to honor Earth Day as a plastic bottle-free day, asking them to rely instead on tap water in refillable bottles.

“The seemingly small decision to drink tap water rather than bottled water can have a major impact on the environment,” said Dr. Mark LeChevallier, director of innovation and environmental stewardship for American Water. “Disposable plastic bottles are burdening our landfills and increasing fuel consumption through their production and delivery.”

According to American Water, consumers can realize significant savings by relying less on disposable water bottles and more on tap water in refillable bottles. Tap water is typically available from the faucet for less than a penny per gallon as a national average. Depending on the brand, bottled water costs 250 to 10,000 times more than tap water. Consumers drinking their recommended eight glasses of water a day from the tap may spend approximately $3.65 per year (based on an 8-oz glass of water). Purchasing the same amount in bottled water can add up to $1,400 annually. Ounce-for-ounce, bottled water can cost more than gasoline or milk.

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