AnAerobics Names New CEO and Expands Implementation of Breakthrough Waste Treatment Technology

Technology Currently Used by Fortune 50 Food and Beverage Companies

AnAerobics Inc. has developed a breakthrough in organic wastewater treatment and has appointed a new industry-seasoned CEO, Diane Creel, to grow the company within the $330 billion, 20-year market. AnAerobics' technology, which has a unique renewable energy component, is already being utilized by several Fortune 50 food and beverage processing plants across the U.S.

Based on more than two decades of research at Cornell University, AnAerobics has developed customizable waste management systems for helping industrial plants turn wastewater and organic waste streams into treated water, while producing renewable energy in the process. AnAerobics' patented Mobilized Film Technology (MFT(SM)) is the core technology behind AnAerobics' self-contained, ultra-high rate waste treatment systems. Overall, the AnAerobics treatment cycle uses fewer resources and creates less sludge. A typical cycle is completed in only eight hours, in contrast to up to 40 days required by aerobic processes, allowing industrial processing plants to significantly reduce capital and operating costs and dramatically increase plant operating capacity.

AnAerobics' cost-effective and environmentally conscious systems significantly reduce electricity usage, chemical usage and sludge. The MFT's enclosed reactors generate treated water, carbon dioxide and methane, a source of renewable energy. The biogas then can be used to self-sustain the treatment system or the manufacturing facility or be transferred offsite for sale. AnAerobics' systems have brought its clients into compliance with environmental and other regulations by replacing open-air ponds that occupy large land mass, require dramatic chemical treatments and produce excessive amounts of sludge and unpleasant odors.

Creel, who has a proven track record in growing companies in the environmental industry, has also recently joined AnAerobics as chairman and CEO. The first female CEO of a publicly held engineering firm, Creel is former CEO and president of Earth Tech, an international consulting and engineering firm. Under Creel's leadership, Earth Tech's revenues grew from $50 million to $1.5 billion, culminating in a successful IPO launch.

"I've been active in the environmental industry for many years and can be a skeptic of newer solutions, but I was immediately sold on AnAerobics' technology," said Creel, chairman and CEO of AnAerobics. "As an executive, I'm a 'builder.' I look forward to growing the company and helping provide environmentally-friendly waste treatment solutions to industry."

AnAerobics Inc.

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