Angolan Ministries Visit Quest Water Installation

Ministry officials toured water purification & distribution system

Quest Water Global Inc. announced a successful visit by Angolan Ministry of Energy and Water and Ministry of Industry officials to its operating AQUAtap installation in Bom Jesus, Angola.

The Secretary of State for Energy and Water and approximately 25 other ministry officials joined Ministry of Industry representatives on Aug. 3, 2012, for a tour of Quest Water's solar-powered water purification and distribution system in the rural community 50 km southeast of Luanda.

Quest Water's management believes the joint visit represents a key phase in the company's business operations in Angola under the country's "Water for All" program, and that the success of this visit by the two ministries will present Quest with opportunity to move to the next stage of relations with the Angolan government.

"This joint visit by the two ministries to our AQUAtap installation in Bom Jesus is one of the most significant milestones in Quest Water's 2.5 years working with the Angolan government," said Peter Miele, Quest Water Global co-founder and executive vice president. "One of the challenges in Angola is distribution and getting clean water to
residents of rural communities lacking infrastructure. Our AQUAtap Community Drinking Water Stations were designed in consultation with many of the Angolan government officials who toured the site last week."

Costa Joaquim, Quest Water's project manager in Angola, was present at the event to demonstrate use of the AQUAtap and to answer questions from ministry officials. "The viewing and demonstration [were] a success and ran smoothly without any hitches, and response from attendees at the Aug. 3 event was very good," Joaquim said.

The first Quest Water AQUAtap installation in Bom Jesus has been successfully operating since Mar. 1, 2012, with the 500 residents of the village drawing approximately 10,000 liters of pure water a day.

Quest Water

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