Aug 01, 2014

ANSI/NGWA Water Well Construction Standard Available

The standard can be purchased through the NGWA online bookstore

ANSI/NGWA Water Well Construction Standard

The ANSI/NGWA-01-14 Water Well Construction Standard is now available through the National Ground Water Assn.'s (NGWA) online bookstore.

Set in motion approximately eight years ago, when NGWA first initiated efforts to become an American National Standards Institute (ANSI)-accredited standards developer, ANSI/NGWA-01-14 sets a baseline of expectations for water well system professionals to meet for residential, agricultural, monitoring, industrial and public supply water wells.

In addition, the standard seeks to contribute to public health and safety, resource protection and to serve as an outcomes focus for NGWA's voluntary water well system professional certification program.

Topics covered by the standard include:

  • Casing and casing installation;
  • Data recording;
  • Disinfection with chlorine;
  • Grouting;
  • Permanent well and test-hole decommissioning;
  • Plumbness and alignment;
  • Testing for performance;
  • Water sampling and analysis;
  • Well development;
  • Well site selection; and
  • Well screens, filter pack and formation stabilizer.