Applied Management Group, Inc.

Applied Management Group, Inc. provides business development training, mentoring, and monitoring services that are proven to drive profit and growth. After 20+ years of supporting and training business owners, managers, sales, service, and support personnel, while working for manufacturers and distributors we at AMG realized that it was time for a new perspective. While the training was effective the alignment was from the manufacturers' focus. We saw the need to create a company that provided support based on what the business owner wanted and needed. After logging thousands of hours of individual and classroom training with hundreds of clients encompassing all of North America we’ve taken the best training and mentoring programs and created a portfolio of world class services offering. These offerings are specific to small businesses and address the unique nature of our business model. The solutions we provide are based on your specific needs and wants. Setting goals based on your strengths and opportunities, a blueprint for success. We then work with you to build the structure and processes needed to exceed your goals.


9033 3rd Ave.
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
United States
Phone: 262-697-4470

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Michael Thompson, Applied Management Group, WQA 2016

President of Applied Management Group to Speak at WQA Convention & Exposition

Michael Thompson, president of Applied Management Group Inc., will speak at a 2016 WQA Convention and Exposition session entitled, “Empowered Personnel Workshop: The...

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