Mar 16, 2016

Applied Management Group President to Discuss Empowered Personnel

Thompson is president of Applied Management Group, Inc., in Wisconsin

Michael Thompson, Applied Management Group, WQA 2016

On Thursday, March 17, Applied Management Group President Michael Thompson will present a training that will assist in developing a concise description of what outstanding customer service will look like in a business. Participants will learn how to develop a performance culture that drives a customer experience that wows the customer at every touch point. The key to delivering this experience is employees that are empowered to make decisions within the scope of a well-designed process. Participants will learn the tools needed to allow employees to take ownership and feel enabled to go the extra mile and engage the customer.

Learning objectives include:

  • Understanding the difference between a tribal and performance culture;
  • Understanding the relationship between customer service and the customer experience;
  • The basics of business process mapping and continuous process improvement;
  • The need for management leadership to communicate to and empower employees to drive a multigenerational performance team to excellence;
  • The basics of developing processes and procedures that engage employees and document tribal knowledge; and
  • The use of self-managed process development teams to accelerate success and motivate millennials.