Applied Specialties Allies with Eka Chemicals Water Treatment Division

Applied Specialties, Inc., has signed an agreement to license and distribute Eka Chemicals' patented and EPA-/NSF-registered Purate® and SVP-Pure® chlorine dioxide generation systems in the United States.

"We are very enthusiastic about our new venture with Eka Chemicals, which is the largest supplier of chlorine dioxide feed chemicals," said Applied Specialties President Terry Scheurman. "Purate® ClO2 technology fits perfectly with our philosophy of providing leading-edge technology as part of our total solutions and personalized services to our utility and municipal water treatment customers."

The SVP-Pure® chlorine dioxide generator utilizes Purate®, a proprietary blend of sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide, to generate chlorine dioxide at rates from 1 to 200+ pounds per hour. Chlorine dioxide produced by Purate® is used as a biocide for water treatment and as a specialty oxidant in applications such as odor control, iron and manganese oxidation, phenol destruction and sulfite control.

"We are extremely pleased to add Applied Specialties as one of our licensed distributors for our Purate® and SVP-Pure® products," said Dr. Patrick Bryant, general manager of Eka Chemicals Purate® business. "This new agreement with Applied Specialties follows our strategy of merging our business with ClO2 service providers in the water treatment market offering customers the best overall solution for any size application. Our Purate® technology offers a low-cost and efficient path for the generation of chlorine dioxide that has resulted in many customers taking a serious look at chlorine dioxide use for the first time."

Applied Specialties

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