APWA Honors Reid with Distinguished Service Award

The American Public Works Association (APWA) awarded its Distinguished Service Award for 2003 to U.S. Senator Harry Reid for his long-time commitment to the nation’s physical infrastructure. "I am proud to stand today with Senator Reid and recognize his contributions to the country’s infrastructure and to its environmental improvements. It is because of national leaders like Senator Reid that we have cleaner air and water, less congestion, and an emphasis on the nation’s infrastructure as the backbone of our economy," said APWA’s immediate past president, Marty Manning, Public Works Director of Clark County, Nevada at the ceremony.

"I am honored to accept this prestigious award and appreciate working closely with public works officials across the country to assure that the nation's economic and physical growth is supported by adequate investment in our roads, bridges, water and transportation systems. These investments will protect the nation's long-term growth and physical assets," said Senator Reid as he accepted the award.

As the Democratic "Whip" in the US Senate, Senator Reid has earned the trust of both Democrats and Republicans, and his reputation for integrity and fairness has given the State of Nevada a strong voice in Congress. Reid was recognized by APWA because of his understanding of the link between investing in and maintaining the nation’s infrastructure and a robust, growing economy. As evidenced in Nevada, and his work for the nation, Reid has worked to reduce congestion with innovative and futuristic approaches, such as pedestrian bridges and monorails, and has worked to assure that fast-growing communities are not slowed by a lack of adequate, quality transportation.

Reid has also worked to resolve environmental challenges through strong support of environmental research. He has had a strong voice in crafting legislation regarding safe drinking water, hazardous waste management, and transportation issues affecting air quality.

APWA’s Distinguished Service Award recognizes an eminent government or other national leader for his/her far-reaching, positive impact on public works programs, services, or policies through distinguished public service and commitment. The award particularly recognizes the national leadership in furthering the mission and goals of APWA.


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