Apr 07, 2011

Aqua-Chem Inc. Launches New Corporate Website

New site aims to communicate with customers worldwide

Aqua-Chem Inc. announced the re-launch of its corporate website, providing customers with enhanced product information and customer support services. In a few weeks the website will be available in eight languages to communicate directly with customers that around the world.

“Our new website reflects two important things: first, our leadership in water purification solutions for any industry that depends on clean water to solutions. Second, our ability to provide hands-on customer support in more than 100 countries around the world after the sale and installation is a key focus of our company,” said David Gensterblum, president and CEO of Aqua-Chem.

Aqua-Chem has been in the water purification technology industry for more than 70 years, serving the offshore oil and gas, military, pharmaceutical and biotech, beverage, commercial marine and industrial markets. In the last eight years, the company has launched more than two dozen new products, including increasingly large vapor compression systems, reverse osmosis water purifiers, pretreatment and sanitary process distribution systems, waste heat plate-type evaporators, vacuum vapor compression units and titanium and copper-nickel heat exchangers.

Over the last two years, the company also has expanded its product offerings through strategic acquisitions of its Matrix and Specific Equipment divisions, supporting both marine and land applications for mission-critical clean water, and more recently in the industrial water treatment market through its latest acquisition of Enviro-Solutions LLC.

Aqua-Chem’s new website features:

• Global brand positioning with geo-targeting and geo-support in eight languages;
• More in-depth explanations of product lines and resources;
• Intuitive site flow and navigation;
• Video capabilities that showcase the company and its products and services; and
• Easy access to the company's portfolio of brands.

The launch of Aqua-Chem’s new website is the beginning of a number of planned marketing activities that aim to build brand awareness, raise the company’s market profile in terms of product offerings, capabilities and services, and communicate directly with customers.

The website developer used by Aqua-Chem is Digital Media Graphix, a new media-centric production company consisting of designers, media developers and programmers.