Mar 18, 2011

Aqua-Chem Works to Donate Purification Systems to Japan

Systems will provide drinking water to earthquake and tsunami victims

Aqua-Chem Inc. is working with the U.S. State Department to make two mobile purification systems available to the Japanese government to help victims of the earthquake and tsunami that devastated part of the country last week. One of the two mobile purification units being offered is capable of processing up to 1.2 million gal per day from sources as readily available as ocean water. The company noted that U.S. Navy ships participating in the relief effort have eight of Aqua-Chem’s water purification systems installed that can provide thousands of additional gallons of potable water.

David Gensterblum, president and CEO of Aqua-Chem, said the offer was made in response to the enormous logistical needs of dealing with a human and environmental disaster of this magnitude. “It is an unfortunate reality of circumstances like this that one of the most pressing needs is the availability of fresh water. We want to be a good corporate citizen worldwide, and this is one way we can help relieve the victims of this disaster and make a difference," he said.