Nov 04, 2015

Aqua-etiam Launches Modular Filtration Solution at Aquatech 2015

Each system can made to measure depending on the required level of comfort and independence

During Aquatech 2015, Aqua-etiam will be launching a modular water filtration system for private homes, apartments or light industrial use for providing a rich and reliable supply of clean drinking water from any freshwater.

Due to the modular character of the system, each system can made to measure depending on the required level of comfort and independence. Each system starts with the basic filtration unit that performs the filtration process. Depending on the type and quantity of the water that is fed into the system, a number of additions can be made. If the supply of feed water is irregular (rain of fluvial rivers) a raw water storage system can be added. To filter out unwanted undesired minerals/chemicals and metals, smells or tastes a carbon pre-filtration units can be installed. Depending on the amount of water used at a given time, a clean water storage system can be installed to act as a buffer between the filtration unit and the peak uses of water found in typical domestic situations.

The system can be completed with water pumps, pressure regulators and an UV-unit. With the UV-unit the water remains at its peak level of safety, even during longer storage periods. In this system the reject water has also many uses, as an example flushing toilets of washing cars. Ask Aqua-etiam for further advise to get the very best out of every drop available.

All the processes and components in this system are being controlled by the central control system, that is part of every above mentioned filtration unit. If certain parameters are not met, the system will alert the user/operator to take corrective action. If no action is taken the system will be de-activated. The control system will display the system status on the filtration unit itself, but can share the information also with mobile devices or with an M2M link over the internet with the local dealer. The central control can also monitor and controls the electricity supply required for the system.

The unit can switch between the main grid, generator sets or solar panels and can alternate between them, while making sure the electrical power available is distributed in the system in the most efficient way. For a fully autonomous system, it may be combined with solar panels.