Aquair, Inc. in Pact With Entech Sales and Service to Work With Munters Corp.

RG Global Lifestyles, Inc. announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Aquair, Inc. has signed an agreement with Entech Sales and Service, headquartered in Dallas, Texas, to work in conjunction with Munters Corp. in the engineering, design and bidding on sales of total water solutions using Aquair products and technology.

Entech has six locations in Texas and has been in business since 1981. Entech's core business has been commercial and industrial mechanical service of commercial air conditioning and turnkey solutions in the building automation and integration sector. Entech's use of technologically advanced instrumentation for obtaining air and water readings helps to insure state of the art performance when testing and balancing environmental systems, producing water, controlling humidity and conserving energy.

"Entech is very excited about the new partnership with Aquair," said Pat Rucker, president of Entech. "Entech looks forward to developing a full mechanical system approach lead by Aquair's latest HCU line of products for commercial application. We feel with the addition of Entech's mechanical system expertise the partnership will allow Aquair to provide its customers with a first class single source solution for humidity management and pure potable water generation. We at Entech look forward to growing the market of this system solution with Aquair and to a long and financially beneficial partnership."

"We are first and foremost a marketing company," said Louis L.
Knickerbocker, chairman and CEO of RG Global Lifestyles, Inc. Through Aquair, Inc., we are intent on making a difference in providing innovations in alternative water solutions by combining different patented technologies. Through joint venture agreements with proven companies like Entech and Munters, we are building Aquair, Inc. into a turnkey water solutions company."

RG Global Lifestyles, Inc.

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