Mar 08, 2016

Aquatech China to Provide Access to Chinese Water Market

China has diverse water investment needs, is committed to water resource and quality issues

aquatech china 2016

China’s government is continuing its efforts to improve water management and infrastructure throughout the country. RAI Amsterdam and CHC Expo have announced that the next edition of Aquatech China will take place from June 15 to 17, 2016, in Shanghai. The event will provide new and returning exhibitors with a platform to access this market.

Water: Essential for China’s economic development

Water is seen by the Chinese government as having a vital role in the country’s economy. It is implementing legislation to drive reforms in all aspects of the way water is managed and used. The amount of water available per person is already low compared to many other countries. Important water resources are declining, urbanization is increasing and China’s population is expected to continue to grow during the next two decades. At the same time, river water quality is seriously affected in many areas.

China’s central government is responding to such challenges at the highest level. In particular, a core policy document set three “red lines” to commit the country to controlling water use, improving water efficiency, and reducing water pollution. Its most recent five-year plan directed almost half a trillion euros to action on air and water pollution. The latest five-year plan, starting this year, will continue progress, including action to improve the monitoring of China’s groundwater resources.

The business opportunity

China’s water investment needs are diverse. The country is also pursuing ambitious and innovative approaches, such as the creation of the first “sponge cities” to pilot extensive use of green infrastructure and permeable surfaces to combat flooding in urban areas. This presents opportunities for companies seeking to do business in China, especially those able to offer technologies and expertise not yet well developed there.

Opportunities range from specific technologies, such as packaged membrane systems for providing decentralized wastewater treatment and reuse, through to involvement in the integrated planning for new urban developments. Water quality monitoring, control systems and wastewater sludge treatment are just some of the other examples of technology areas of interest to China. Industrial users meanwhile require solutions for them to respond to the tightening controls on the amount of water they can use in relation to the economic value they add.

A platform for access

The Aquatech China exhibition offers an opportunity for companies to launch or build their business in China. With all the major players present, companies can do business directly and can establish contacts for the partnerships often needed to succeed in the Chinese market.

Other highlights will include a business-focused conference with the theme ‘Turning environmental regulation to profit”, the China BlueTech Awards for innovative Chinese and international technologies and country pavilions in the exhibition from Canada, Holland, Taiwan, Korea and the Water Quality Assn.