Aquatronics Industries Acquires Advanced Bio-Catalytic Water Purification Patent

Ecoloclean Industries, Inc.'s wholly owned subsidiary, Aquatronics Industries, Inc. of Riverside, R.I., has acquired the advanced “Bio-Catalytic” water purification patent rights, which act as an adjunct to the active disciplines engaged in the production and installation of water remediation and provides the company exclusive manufacturing rights to these products.

Aquatronics Industries has been engaged in the methodology of wastewater and drinking water remediation for over 20 years, with primary focus on the need to remove heavy metals and destroy pathogens and other harmful bacteria.

The Bio-Catalytic patent enhances the inactivation of pathogenic and other microorganisms, such as bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoa that are common pollutants to water supplies worldwide. After extensive development and exercise of Aquatronics' current water remediation methodology, a growing need for more effective water-borne bacteria and parasite control arose as a result of recent natural disasters that have left thousands of people without pure water and at constant risk from a bacteria-laden environment.

The exclusive use, manufacture and distribution rights of the Bio- Catalytic patented product complement the already active Aquatronics' disciplines that engage in the production and installation of their water remediation product lines.

This product concept is currently undergoing national certification sanctions for multiple uses and applications already established through proto-type and neutral laboratory testing.

The company's marketing and sales plans are in place both nationally and internationally and scheduled for active distribution and installation during the summer of 2006.

Howard Schachter, president of Aquatronics Industries, Inc., said, “The addition of the patent to the many disciplines already engaged at the company will enhance a very specific sector of the water purification market that encompasses Aquatronic's point of use (POU) and point of entry (POE) designs. These concepts play a very significant role in delivering and ensuring safe drinking water to populations throughout the U.S. and around the world.”

Royis Ward, president and CEO of Ecoloclean Industries, Inc., said, “The acquisition of this patent has to be credited to the tenacity and continued efforts over the last several months of Mr. Howard Schachter in finalizing this agreement. These patent rights give Aquatronics Industries, Inc. control of a technology that adds value and a new credo to every product, system and concept that we now have in the market place. It assures us the capabilities to produce purified water anywhere contaminated water sources exist. At the same time, we are price competitive in a ‘niche market,’ which is growing because the world is desperate to find effective alternatives to chlorine, bromine and fluorine additives. Additionally, the advent of increased pollution resulting from the demand in the public water system in the U.S. and Canada forces authorities to put more chlorine into the supply chain every day. This patented compound, in conjunction with our already existing systems, will offer a healthy alternative to the chemical reactions created by the use of these induced impurities.”

Ecoloclean Industries, Inc.

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