Nov 12, 2015

Aquion Acquires Procam Controls

The acquisition enhances the company's food service water treatment offerings

OptiPure Aquion Procam Controls food and beverage water treatment

In a strategic move to strengthen and diversify its water treatment brand portfolio, Aquion Inc. announced that it is acquiring Plano, Texas-based Procam Controls Inc., including the OptiPure line of commercial food service products.

Since its founding in 1975, Procam has been a supplier of water and chemical management systems for food service and water treatment, as well as the printing, medical imaging and photographic industries. While manufacturing a complete line of OptiPure commercial water filtration and membrane separation systems, the company is especially well known for its reverse osmosis (RO) technology, which has established a customer base among food service equipment OEMs and major retail food and beverage marketers worldwide.

“Procam Controls’ stable of brands and OptiPure products in particular, strategically align with our existing businesses, which also include the H2Optimo line launched earlier this year,” said Mike Madsen, president of Aquion. “Advanced OptiPure RO technology and scale inhibition systems broaden and significantly strengthen our portfolio across a full spectrum of food service operations.”

Procam will operate independently, Madsen noted. Roy Seibert will continue to head that operation as business unit president and general manager. He will work with Aquion executive vice president – business development Eddie Garmon to drive global growth in the commercial hospitality market segment.

“Going forward, activities for both brands will be centralized in Plano, Texas,” Madsen said. “It will be the center of our food service water treatment universe. These product lines give us a comprehensive, two-tier offering of proven systems to meet virtually any food service or hospitality need.”

Growth plans include expanding the roster of major food service marketers, with emphasis on RO and scale inhibition, according to Madsen. Specialty coffee, for example: removing dissolved minerals and preventing scale buildup not only boosts efficiency and extends machine life, it is a key to maintaining proper water temperature in the boiler chamber – a critical factor in serving the quality beverages customers expect, consistently. OptiPure RO systems already are the choice among major global marketers.

“This acquisition also adds a timely boost to our Commercial Hospitality initiative recently launched during HOST-Expo in Milan,” Madsen said. “Technologies highlighted at the Expo include ‘smart’ H2Optimo systems that provide users with real-time water usage data, 24/7. Wi-Fi-enabled filtration also alerts operators when the product needs servicing. This ensures water quality without a water quality test and, ultimately, allows components to be utilized months longer.”