Jan 25, 2013

Aquion Adds IQsoft Products to Water Treatment Controls' Portfolio

IQsoft cabinet water softeners will be sold under the Erie Water Treatment Controls brand

IQsoft Aquion Inc. Water Softening System

Aquion Inc. announced the introduction of a new range of cabinet water softeners, the IQsoft series, that will be sold under the Erie Water Treatment Controls brand name.

“It’s a general trend that ‘technical appliances for the house’ become more compact. The use of more efficient technologies, together with the fact that home owners simply don’t want to give up too much space for this kind of equipment, have been driving this trend,” said Nick Govaert, general manager for the European office of Erie. “On the other hand, we’re also facing an increasing demand for a more sophisticated design for our water treatment equipment. People simply no longer buy our products based on technical specifications only; the product’s design also needs to be appealing to potential buyers. For these reasons we decided to develop a brand new family of cabinet softeners. From the start, our development team worked closely together with 'pilipili,' a design studio, to make sure the esthetical aspect was taken into account from the very first phase of the project. The result is a range consisting of four models, all of them combining an exceptionally elegant design, with very compact dimensions and our proven state-of-the-art technology.”