Aquion Partners Announces RainSoft Management Restructuring Changes

Aquion Partners LP announced two senior level management changes. Donald Miller, vice president of sales for the RainSoft division, moves to the position of vice president of business development for Aquion Partners. Dan Pfister was appointed to the position of vice president of sales for the RainSoft division, assuming Miller’s former position. The changes were made public by Aquion President Robert Ruhstorfer. "I am pleased to announce that we have made two very significant changes. The growth of our organization has created an immediate need for this strategic management restructuring."

Miller will begin an immediate transition from a strictly RainSoft focus to a global Aquion focus. This includes uncovering and developing new business opportunities for all Aquion business units, currently RainSoft, Erie and Clearwater Tech. Miller is a RainSoft Hall of Fame recipient and sits on Aquion’s Board of Directors.

Dan Pfister comes to RainSoft directly from his former dealership in Richmond, Va. "Dan is in a unique position to draw on his vast experience, and take the RainSoft division to the next level," according to Ruhstorfer. "He has owned two very successful dealerships, and has significant tenure in field operations as both a district manager and regional director. The insight and understanding he brings to the position will have a positive and immediate impact at all levels, from our internal sales management extending to every single RainSoft dealer."

Aquion Partners LP

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