Aquionics Introduces New UV Disinfection System

PharmaLine PQ removes microorganisms for pharmaceutical and biotech applications

Providing chemical-free disinfection for low-flow pharmaceutical and biotech applications, Aquionics offers the new PharmaLine PQ UV disinfection system. PharmaLine PQ uses U.S. Environmental Protection Agency-approved UV lamps to destroy pathogens without chemicals, and is third-party validated for use in the production of pharmaceutical and healthcare products.

Water passed through the system is exposed to UV light, destroying the reproductive abilities of various microorganisms, viruses, yeasts, molds and algae. PharmaLine PQ ensures the total reduction of microorganisms with its integrated UV dosage display. In addition, an online duty sensor can be checked against an optional reference sensor to ensure the UV unit is performing within specification. Aquionics’ UV systems help provide water to the highest possible standards as demanded by regulatory bodies such as the Food and Drug Administration, including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).


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