ARAMARK Launches New Water Filtration System for the Workplace

Americans are drinking water in record numbers, and the trend is expected to continue. According to "What Americans are Drinking in 2002" — a survey from a recent FDA Consumer magazine article — bottled, filtered and non-filtered waters surpass soft drinks and juices as the leading cold beverage of choice.

Recognizing this trend, ARAMARK Refreshment Services has launched AquaMark™, the company's exclusive water filtration system, which provides a continuous supply of drinking water and allows employees to make better tasting coffee, teas, hot chocolate and soup at work. It also offers 99 percent lead reduction and bacteria control and eliminates dirt, rust and many parasitic organisms. ARAMARK has already installed the system at about 5,000 customer locations in the past year.

"People are looking for a premium water experience, but they are also concerned about the safety and purity of the options available today," said Richard Wyckoff, president of ARAMARK Refreshment Services. "By responding to the concerns and needs of employees, employers can provide quality refreshments and popular products, like premium water or gourmet coffee, that demonstrate appreciation to their employees."

Consumers are demonstrating a preference for gourmet beverages, which is made evident by the fast growth of both gourmet coffee and premium water in recent years. In addition to single-serve purified bottled water, leading beverage companies are introducing flavored, energy, fitness and vitamin-infused water drinks. Like the gourmet coffee experience, the premium water industry has become focused on delivering a quality, premium and exotic product to consumers.

ARAMARK Refreshment Services supplies office coffee service, brand-name beverages and foods, and break room supplies to many Fortune 500 companies and other large and small employers. Annually, ARAMARK Refreshment Services provides more than one billion cups of coffee, 140 million cold beverage servings and 100 million snacks to business and industry clients at 60,000 locations worldwide.

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