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NanoCeram is based on electropositive capture, not simple "sieving". NanoCeram’s efficiency compares to ultraporous membrane technology (pore rating of 0.2 microns, even reducing cysts, bacteria, TOC’s and virus) - without the high pressure drop. NanoCeram is unsurpassed as a pre-filter for RO, UV and ozone systems with average 0.5 SDI levels - but with ultra-high capacity and flow rates. NSF/ANSI Std. 53 certified NanoCeram-PAC™ filters are infused with highly active powder activated carbon. They provide extraordinary dynamic adsorption of chlorine and other soluble contaminants while maintaining particulate reduction rates virtually identical to the original NanoCeram filters.


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Improving RO performance with prefiltration

Prefiltration Preamble

Reverse osmosis (RO) membrane technology is an important and widely used technology for water treatment. Used in many industries, the technology has incrementally...
iapmo, water purifier system, certification, argonide

IAPMO Certifies Water Purifier System

Argonide Corp. announced that it received NSF Protocol P231 Certification on its CoolBlue Water Purifier System by the International Association of Plumbing and...
yuly vesga, argonide, tatiana kaledin, bio lab, research, scientist

Yuly Vesga Joins Argonide Corp.

Argonide Corp. announced the addition of Yuly Vesga as the company’s new research scientist. Vesga was recruited to replace Tatiana Kaledin who, after 10 years...
argonide, iso, certification

Argonide Receives ISO Certification

Argonide Corp. completed its ISO audit and received ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Argonide’s first commitment is customer satisfaction, and with this certification, it...
argonide, iso 9001:2015

Argonide Begins ISO 9001:2015 Certification Process

Argonide Corp. has embarked upon a new stage in its quality program. It has started the ISO 9001 certification process and estimates certification to be complete in mid...

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