Arizona May Defer Salinity Legislation Until 2014

Committee members suggest that the contribution of water softeners can be addressed first

Arizona Salinity Committee Salinity Legislation

Focusing on voluntary limits, the head of the Arizona Salinity Committee suggested last month that legislative solutions may not be attempted in the upcoming 2013 session.

Rep. Karen Fann, who spearheaded the creation of the committee, said she will only run a bill if there is a good product that has been vetted by all stakeholders and has enough support to have a 90% chance of passing. Otherwise, a bill should not be introduced until 2014, she said. 

These developments came at a meeting of the Technical Advisory Subcommittee of the committee.

Fann challenged the committee to think in terms of short-, mid- and long-range solutions. It was suggested by various committee members that addressing the contribution of water softeners is something that can be done short range; that mid range is addressing concentrate management (how to reclaim and reuse wastewater); and long range (40 to 50 years from now) is to remove salt before distribution and have a wastewater pipeline to the ocean.

It was agreed that the next meeting will be Tuesday, Dec. 11.

The Salinity Committee was created by legislation in 2011 to look at comprehensive solutions to salinity issues in Arizona. It includes a wide range of stakeholders.

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