Jul 16, 2012

Arizona Salinity Committee Looking to Education, Efficiency

Following a recent manufacturers meeting, the industry is focusing on education, best practices and efficiency

According to the Water Quality Assn. (WQA), following a recent meeting with manufacturers over the Arizona Salinity Committee, the industry is emphasizing education, best practices and efficiency.  

In April, industry leaders agreed to a set of objectives for the Arizona Salinity Task Force. The committee was established by the state last year. Comprised of public and private stakeholders, it is to report to the legislature with recommendations in September.

Some goals being discussed include:

  • Increased efficiency (4,200 grains per lb/3 gal per 1,000 grains) and a ban on time clocks;
  • Best practices, including specialty certifications and approaches for salt and water efficiency;
  • Education of consumers and the public, such as explaining softening and scale control and the importance of appropriate settings for softeners; and
  • Dealer education on product certification and professional certification.

Another meeting of the task force will take place in the coming months. In the meantime, industry leaders continue working with policymakers to push these comprehensive solutions. If any legislation flows from the work of the task force, it would not be enacted until next year.