May 17, 2016

California Town in Decades-Long Water Struggle

Kettleman City, Calif., water tainted by arsenic, targets water treatment plant construction

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While Flint, Mich. has dominated headlines, other communities have been vying to tell their water crisis stories, too.

Located near Los Angeles, Kettleman City, Calif., has struggled through decades of water problems due to high arsenic levels detected in the two local wells, which would normally be used for tap water. According to a CBS San Fransisco Bay Area report, each residence in the town receives a delivery of water every other week, amounting to 30 gallons per month.

Although, The California Aqueduct delivers water to Los Angeles and travels right next to Kettleman City, city officials note the community does not have a water treatment plant to tap into the aqueduct. The money is available, but constant delays to environmental problems have pushed back the connection date.

The city aims to have a treatment plant complete by 2019.