May 25, 2011

The Artemis Project Announces 2011 Top 50 Most Innovative Water Technologies

Panel of judges selected technologies that are addressing current water issues

The Artemis Project, a boutique consulting practice dedicated to helping companies thrive in a world of increasing water scarcity, has announced the 2011 Artemis Project Top 50 award honorees. The Top 50 identifies the most promising companies that are applying innovation in the market to address today’s dire water challenges. The Artemis Project revealed the companies at the Ontario H20 Global Water Leadership Summit last week at the Metro Toronto Convention Center in Toronto.

Since 2009, the Artemis Project Top 50 has served as a resource on promising emerging water technology solutions for investors, water equipment and chemical companies and prospective customers. Eligible companies must have completed product development and have annual revenues of less than $25 million.

The 2011 competition brought together leading experts in the water industry to evaluate the nominated solution, its value in application and the companies’ core teams. The judges for 2011 include: Bill Wescott, Veolia Water; Steven Kloos, GE Water & Process Technologies; Peter Williams, IBM Green Innovations; Chris Morrison, Nalco; Peleg Chevion, Syngenta; Paul Gagliardo, American Water; Andrew Salveson, Carollo Engineers; Jean Debroux, Kennedy Jenks; Paul O’Callaghan, O2 Environmental; John Simpson, GSA; and Rengarajan Ramesh, Wasserstein & Co. The Artemis Project solicited input from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in developing environmental, sustainability and quality assurance/quality control application questions for this year's contest, although this does not imply an endorsement of any technology.

Culled from more than 200 applications — a 30% increase from 2010 — the companies named to the 2011 list are applying innovative technologies to provide more sustainable water management. They are helping to manage infrastructure, recover valuable resources from waste and preserve natural ecosystems. They work in fields such as energy-efficient wastewater treatment, smart grid water management, biosolids conversion to energy, pollutant biodegradation and reverse osmosis desalination.

Companies by industry application:

• Infrastructure solutions: 18;
• Water and wastewater treatment: 23; and
• Wastewater recovery solutions: 9.

Companies by geography:

• U.S.: 31;
• Canada: 7;
• Israel: 7; and
• One each in Australia, Denmark, Ireland, Luxembourg and the Netherlands.

Below is the full list of The Artemis Project Top 50:

1. 212 Resources
2. ABS Materials Inc.
3. AbTech Industries
4. Altela Inc.
5. American Micro Detection Systems Inc.
6. APG-Neuros Inc.
7. APTwater
8. Aqua-Pure Ventures
9. Aquaporin A/S
10. Aquarius Technologies Inc.
11. Aqwise
12. BioPetroClean
13. BlackGold Biofuels
14. CheckLight
15. Clearwater Systems Corp.
16. Derceto Inc.
17. Desalitech
18. Drake Water Technologies Inc.
19. Ecosphere Technologies Inc.
20. Emefcy
21. ENBALA Power Networks Ltd.
22. Environmental Operating Solutions Inc.
23. Epuramat S.A.
24. Evandtec Inc.
25. eWater Innovation
26. Falcon Waterfree Technologies
27. Hadronex Inc.
28. HaloSource
29. Hydration Technology Innovations
30. HydroPoint Data Systems Inc.
31. Hydrovolts Inc.
32. M2 Renewables Inc.
33. Marrone Bio Innovations
34. MaxWest Environmental Systems Inc.
35. Microvi Biotech Inc.
36. MIOX Corp.
37. NanoH2O Inc.
38. NovaThermal Energy
39. OndaVia Inc.
40. Ostara Nutrient Recovery Technologies Inc.
41. PAX Water Technologies Inc.
42. Puralytics
43. Purifics ES Inc.
44. SCFI Group Ltd.
45. SolarBee Inc.
46. TaKaDu
47. TransBiodiesel Ltd.
48. UV Pure
49. Voltea
50. VRTX Technologies