Jul 18, 2011

Athena Bottled Water Delivery Sales Raise Money for Cancer Research

Company founded by breast cancer survivor will donate funds to several organizations

Athena, one of the newest brands of DS Waters home and office bottled water delivery, is generating funds for breast cancer awareness, education and research. DS Waters of America Inc. CEO Dillon Schickli presented a check for $300,000 to Athena Partners founder Trish May at a luncheon in Seattle.

The amount represents a percentage of the proceeds from Athena-related sales over the last year. The money will go to several national and local organizations yet to be designated that promote breast cancer awareness, education and research.

Athena water is a recent acquisition for DS Waters, embracing the mission and expanding the scope of a product started by breast cancer survivor Trish May. May’s treatment and recovery inspired an idea, and in 2003 she founded Athena Partners based on the vision that one person can make a difference with a single bottle of pure water.

Athena is named for the mythical Greek goddess who symbolizes purity, wisdom and strength. “These are qualities that complement DS Waters’ long-term commitment,” Schickli said. “We are well on our way to raising more than $1 million in the next three years to support the fight against breast cancer.”

Cases of 16.9-oz or ½-liter bottled Athena water are now available in 41 states through various retail outlets and delivered directly to homes and offices across the country. Five-gal Athena bottles are also available for home and office delivery in the metropolitan areas of Seattle Atlanta, Dallas-Fort Worth and New York City.