Atlantic Skanska Awarded New Water Treatment Project

Atlantic Skanska was awarded a $30 million project from the city of Cumming, Ga., to expand their Advanced Water Reclamation Facility from a 3-mgd capacity facility to 8 mgd.

Although the facility is owned by the city of Cumming, its service area includes a large part of Forsyth County. The City has one wastewater treatment plant that was constructed in the early 1990s and upgraded to 3 mgd in 2000. The city of Cumming has received permission from the Georgia EPD to increase the plant’s capacity in order to meet the continued demand due to the rapid population growth in Forsyth County.

Throughout the immediate area of Cumming, there are three other privately owned treatment facilities that are older and no longer meet state and federal treatment standards. When they are decommissioned, the need for increased capacity at the expanded Advanced Water Reclamation Facility will further increase.

The scope of work for the contract includes new headworks; two new Orbal basins; three clarifiers; a plate settler; sand filters; new influent pump station; additional centrifuge; a two-story control building; and a Cannibal biosolids reduction system.

A UV disinfection system will also be installed as part of the contract. This alternative disinfection method eliminates the risk of using chlorine, which is presently being used. The process does not alter the taste, smell or color of water, does not require chemicals and does not release toxic byproducts into water.

The Cannibal biosolids reduction system will work in conjunction with the activated sludge treatment system already in use. The Cannibal system uses fine drum screens to remove inert material from the activated sludge and an anoxic process to digest the remaining sludge mass. As a result of this process, the amount of sludge for disposal in the county’s landfill will be greatly reduced.

When completed, the new facility will utilize state-of-the-art treatment processes, which will ensure that water being discharged into local waterways is clean and free of toxins as well as providing the most cost-efficient treatment plant for the client and public.

Atlantic Skanska

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