Jan 06, 2016

Atlantium Achieves NSF Certification

The company’s Hydro-Optic UV products get recognition for safe water treatment

Atlantium Technologies Ltd. has announced that it has been awarded NSF/ANSI 61 certification for drinking water system components for contact with drinking water. Atlantium has previously been certified for contact with drinking water under the strict Israeli Standard 5452.

“This latest certification adds a new dimension to Atlantium's portfolio of compliance with global standards and regulations, with special focus on the municipal market,” said Phyllis Posy, Atlantium's vice president of strategic services and regulatory affairs. 

NSF is recognized as a hallmark of public health and environmental safety and is often used as a global standard for drinking water suppliers and food manufacturers. The certification involves initial tests, audits and inspections, as well as subsequent surprise inspections of all processes related to the product and contact with water.

“Atlantium Hydro-Optic UV water disinfection/treatment is an innovative safe, reliable and environmentally-friendly solution for even small systems, especially ones that want safe water without the chemical taste,” said Posy. “And now we are eligible as a prime solution for municipal drinking water suppliers wherever virus, cryptosporidium or giardia protection is needed and NSF 61 is required.”

She cited California and Ohio as two states in the U.S. that require NSF certification.

In addition, recent regulations reducing the amount of lead in equipment that is in contact with drinking water triggered the development of the new stricter NSF 372 standard.  Atlantium, whose units are totally lead-free, also achieved this certification.

Atlantium patented technology leverages fiber-optic and hydraulic principles to harness the full power of UV light, effectively recycling photons for disinfection using much less energy. Integrated software driven by sophisticated algorithms track the key variables affecting UV dose in real time, automatically adjusting so that a measured effective UV dose is being delivered all the time. The system automatically generates regulatory reporting for quick and easy compliance to EPA virus-crypto water safety standards.