Controller Saves Users Time With PC App

June 30, 2016

Pentair designed the Fleck XTR2 controller with one thing in mind—to save dealers time. The controller boasts an intuitive LCD touch screen, which provides detailed screen descriptions, a color display, an easy user interface, more detailed diagnostics, ease of programming and multiple language options.

The XTR2 controller lets dealers connect to a PC for simplified, custom programming with its Field Programmer app. Using the app, dealers can easily upload and save programming settings to reuse multiple times in the field, update existing programming and remotely access additional diagnostics from a PC.

In the past, mechanical controls were very time-consuming, as dealers had to recreate programs from scratch each time. With the Field Programmer, dealers have the ability to save many complete master settings configurations to a file and restore these settings as needed. They can also “batch program” by creating the master settings configuration the dealer wants once and quickly program multiple boards with that same configuration. The large full-color LCD screen of a PC significantly reduces the chance of programming mistakes, since it offers more settings on a single page for simplified data entry with the added benefit of a summary page showing all programming parameters for quick review.

Using the Field Programmer app, dealers can easily input their company name and phone number so the end-user knows who to call for service, replacement or repairs. Other control valves require dealers to input this data letter-by-letter and number-by-number, which can be very time-consuming and often leads to errors.

In addition to the Field Programmer app, the XTR2 controller offers extended diagnostics that include current and peak flow rates, totalizer, last regeneration time, daily usage, reserve, number of regenerations, use since last regeneration and the last program change time. All of the diagnostic information can be downloaded to the Field Programming app for easy viewing and storage.