AWWA Divests Itself of EfficientUtilities

Environmental Network International, Inc. (ENI) and the American Water Works Association Services, Inc. (AWWAASI), have announced that ENI has acquired all of the interest in EU currently held by AWWAASI. As a result, EfficientUtilities has become a wholly owned subsidiary of ENI.

The new structure will enable ENI to accelerate the strategic plan to market power and gas utilities, as well as municipalities that manage public utilities.

"EfficientUtilities has built a strong customer base and a world-class technology framework for delivering strategic eProcurement and eBusiness solutions that extend the value of existing enterprise applications," said Tully M. Ryan, President of EfficientUtilities. "ENI is building on its strong relationship with the AWWA and it’s clients to expand its market into other utility sectors while providing advanced software and superior customer service." 

EU's eProcurement and eBusiness software is designed to expedite and improve procurement efficiency by enabling purchasing agents to send requests for quotes to suppliers electronically. The solution also provides the infrastructure to support public sector mandates such as sealed bidding. As a result, Buyers are able to efficiently comply with complex regulations and streamline the bidding process.

In addition, purchasing agents can automatically score supplier responses, improving the speed and consistency of the evaluation process. By connecting purchasing agents and suppliers in real-time, Utilities and suppliers benefit from shorter sourcing cycles and increased value to customers and taxpayers. 

"ENI and AWWAASI originally formed EfficientUtilities to establish a neutral tool to accelerate the use of the Internet to enhance the communication and collaboration between buyers and suppliers in the waterworks industry, without charging transaction fees, commissions or disrupting the supply chain," said Bob Willis, chairman of EfficientUtilities and past president of American Water Works Association.

"EU customers have achieved competitive advantages by implementing our solutions and will be well positioned to benefit from new business scenarios enabled by next-generation technologies and applications EU and ENI has to offer," he added.

"Over the last three years, AWWASSI and ENI have worked together to pioneer electronic business solutions for the water and wastewater industry," said Lynn Stovall, president of American Water Works Association. "Now that EU has progressed to the stage where it is fully operational and servicing customers, both companies have decided it is best to pursue our respective goals independently."

ENI, Inc.

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