AWWA Encourages Water Professionals to Participate in Effort to Rebuild Iraqi Water Systems

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) is encouraging water professionals throughout the nation to consider participating in the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) Local Governance Program to help rebuild supply and distribution water systems in Iraq.

Research Triangle Institute (RTI) has contracted with USAID to provide local governance support in Iraq. RTI is identifying Public Water Works Specialists to provide short-term and long-term technical assistance in Iraqi water supply/distribution systems, and to provide Iraqi counterparts with the knowledge, skills and abilities to repair and sustain Iraqi water systems.

RTI is looking for experienced water professionals who are willing to leave for Iraq within 10-14 days. The average assignment would last 2-4 months. Compensation and terms of contractual service will be negotiated between the individual, his/her employer and RTI.

"Water professionals throughout America are some of the best trained in the world," Jack Hoffbuhr, Executive Director of AWWA said. "The water situation in Iraq is still in a critical stage and present enormous humanitarian issues and challenges. This is an opportunity to help rebuild the Iraqi water system to assure that the Iraqi people are receiving safe and healthy drinking water."


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