Mar 24, 2014

AWWA Recognizes 21st Annual World Water Day

AWWA, the UN and water advocates celebrate World Water Day

21st Annual World Water Week AWWA U.N. Water Advocates March 2014

The American Water Works Assn. (AWWA) joined the United Nations and water advocates throughout the world in recognizing the 21st annual World Water Day, observed on March 22, 2014. AWWA Executive Director David LaFrance issued the following statement:

“On World Water Day 2014, the 50,000 members of AWWA join with the United Nations and the entire water community to celebrate this important event. World Water Day is a significant day each year when we mark the benefits of safe and reliable drinking water and the many things it makes possible.

“This year’s World Water Day theme of ‘Water and Energy’ highlights the interdependent relationship these two utilities share. Here at AWWA, we understand the intricate relationship that must be created for water and energy to thrive harmoniously together. Every day our members depend on energy to treat and distribute water to all of North America and water is required to make and sustain many forms of energy. To maintain dependability of these two elements, we must continue to improve our efficiency of each.”

“AWWA thanks its hardworking members and other supporters of the water community on this World Water Day for their noble and continued efforts to safely treat and distribute water to a myriad of people. Together with our colleagues in the energy fields, we can assure a better world through better water.”

More information about this important day including key messages can be found on World Water Day’s website.