Nov 09, 2015

AWWA Releases Second Edition of Iron, Manganese Removal Handbook

Publication now available in AWWA's online store

AWWA Iron Manganese removal handbook

The American Water Works Assn. (AWWA) has released its newest publication—Iron and Manganese Removal Handbook, Second Edition by John Civardi and Mark Tompeck.

Advancements in treatment technology, new regulations and changes in the environment necessitated a second edition of Iron and Manganese Removal Handbook.

Demonstrated through field experiences and case studies, specific topics discussed in the handbook include an analysis of current and emerging methods, guidance for handling residuals, details on treatment process selection and design and background on expanded regulations and health impacts. The authors also explain the processes and calculations involved in the removal of iron and manganese before it reaches consumers.

Iron and Manganese Removal Handbook, Second Edition is available in AWWA’s online store or as a PDF download.