AXEON Introduces New Integrated Solutions Platform

Company launches program to streamline product offerings

AXEON Water Technologies has announced the introduction of AXEON Integrated Solutions, a new program that enhances the customer experience by offering a streamlined approach to product identification and selection.

The AXEON Integrated Solutions program is a customer-centric model that features a comprehensive offering of standardized equipment and solutions while providing customers with the flexibility of customization for every application. AXEON’s design and manufacturing capabilities provide a platform for integrating the economies of standardization with customers’ unique requirements and to turn complex projects into simple end-to-end solutions. The unique flexibility of AXEON Integrated Solutions ensures that optimal water quality is achieved efficiently and economically.

“AXEON Integrated Solutions is a platform which we have taken over three years to develop,” said AXEON CEO Augustin Pavel. “We test-marketed it in 2010, and it was a very efficient and formal way to present our product offering and enable our customers to easily associate our products and systems with their needs for a given application.”

A key internal feature of AXEON Integrated Solutions is the enhanced production capabilities that it facilitates. Customers benefit from the accelerated delivery of AXEON’s standard and custom systems and components by ensuring that their sales cycles are supported and their delivery timelines are met.

“Ultimately it cuts down the amount of time our application engineers need to work one-on-one with an individual or company,” said Pavel. “It allows them to put together a comprehensive solution by integrating all the different types of technologies [and] models of systems to create a custom solution for each application.”

AXEON Integrated Solutions is featured on the company’s newly redesigned website at The site offers AXEON customers a streamlined user experience, with a variety of new features and benefits, including AXEON’s robust online catalog, which is now searchable by category, brand, application, technology, water problem, service and solution.

Additionally, AXEON’s in-house representatives are available to assist in designing and manufacturing Integrated Solutions to overcome today’s complex water treatment challenges.

AXEON Water Technologies

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