BASF to Feature Water Treatment Solutions

Company’s showcase will address variety of water treatment challenges

BASF Corp. will showcase water treatment solutions that address a variety of water treatment challenges at the Water Quality Association (WQA) Aquatech USA 2008 Exhibition this week in Las Vegas.

Visitors to BASF booth No. 120 will have the opportunity to see the company’s water treatment solution portfolio, including specialty products for biofouling, heavy metals removal, scale inhibition and corrosion inhibition.

BASF’s Aseptrol technology for control of biofouling includes easy-to-use tablets that are ideal for small- to medium-sized cooling towers, swimming pools and hot water systems. Aseptrol prevents or remediates biofilm caused by unmitigated growth by fungi, algae and problematic bacteria (e.g., Legionella).

BASF will also feature its ATS adsorbent media for removal of lead and other contaminants in POE and POU applications. ATS adsorbent media removes lead to non-detectable levels and is certified and listed under NSF Standard 61 for drinking water system components. ATS is available in powder form and high-active carbon granules.

Activated alumina rounds out the display. This product reliably removes fluoride to significantly less than the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maximum contamination limit and is ideal for municipal, commercial and residential systems. The maximum contamination limit for fluoride mandated by the EPA is 4 mg/L (or 4 ppm). It is recognized as a best-available technology for fluoride removal by the EPA.


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