BCF Marketing to Manage Branding of Life 02 Through Endorsement of Celebrity Athletes

BEVsystems International, Inc. has selected BCF Marketing to develop and manage the branding of Life 02 SuperOxygenated bottled water using the promotion and endorsement of high profile athletes.

Utilizing the marketing expertise of BCF, BEVsystems is expecting to rapidly increase its Life 02 brand awareness and sales by leveraging the images and testimonies of selected high profile athletes and celebrities. The association with these well-known endorsees is the next logical step in growing the well established consumer base for this cutting edge product.

Robert Tatum, BEVsystems' CEO, said, "The professional sports athletes that are drinking Life 02 as part of their training program is testimony to the performance edge that SuperOxygenated water gives to all athletes."

BCF is a Georgia-based LLC, that specializes in developing and managing sponsorship and endorsement opportunities for its celebrity clients.

BCF will also coordinate the professional athlete's equity ownership in BEVsystems. The stock fund will be placed into a brokerage account and will be managed by the RBC, Professional Sports Division.

BEVsystems International, Inc.

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