Beauty Product Enters Bottled Water Market

It was bound to happen eventually. Now along with vitamin water and caffeinated water, consumers with money to burn can drink part of their beauty regimen.

BORBA Nutraceuticals is the company behind new "skin care" product -- BORBA bottled water. It is available in three varieties of Skin Balance Water claiming to cleanse pores, hydrate dry skin or reduce wrinkles in one month or less.

This can be achieved, the company contends, through ''a natural gelatin complex,'' ''moisture boosters'' and ''a bio-vitamin complex'' (ingredients such as papaya, guava, walnut and vitamin C.)

Company literature recommends customers drink two 15.2-ounce bottles of the calorie-free, carbohydrate-free beverage daily. It is sold online through various beauty sites in cases of 12 priced at about $30 per case.

On, a blurb above BORBA’s products illuminates the marketing concept: "BORBA, named after its creator, Scott Vincent Borba, has found the Fountain of Youth and bottled it. BORBA Nutraceuticals is the first on-the-go skin treatment designed to harness the positive effects of ingestible supplements, combining simplicity and nutrition with the goodness of water and the benefits of topical skin enhancing products, in one mobile step."

The company also offers "liquid activated powders" in packets to mix with water or juice.

The Morning Call

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