Jan 19, 2011

Belize Eco-Resort Begins Water and Bottle Conservation Program

Company installed three filling stations and will provide guests with refillable bottles

Water may not seem to be much of an issue in a lush rainforest, but pollution and the depletion of global resources are, and the Lodge at Chaa Creek, in Belize, is kicking off its 2011 green initiatives program with a water and bottle conservation program.

Beginning in February, each guest at Chaa Creek will be given a refillable aluminum water bottle to use during the stay and as a souvenir to take home. Three water filling stations have been set up at the eco-resort’s bar, front desk and conference center.

According to owner Mick Fleming, Chaa Creek’s water is processed on-site through a high quality filtration system utilizing carbon filtration and ultraviolet purification. “A major part of this project was to produce water that is as safe for consumption as any commercially bottled water,” Fleming said, adding that commercial bottled water will still be available for guests who prefer it.

“Actually, we made quite a bit of money from sales of commercial bottled water, and now we’ve invested in the technology, infrastructure and the bottles to provide it for free, but this is more in keeping with our ethos, and just fits in better with our other green practices,” he said.

Chaa Creek has been recognized as a leader in sustainable eco-tourism in Belize, having been listed as one of the Six of the Best Environmentally Friendly Hotels by CNN’s Traveller and ending 2010 in Delta Airline’s Sky magazine’s Top Ten Eco-Resorts. Fleming said that in 2011, management and staff will be looking for more ways to lessen the resort’s environmental impact and contribute to global conservation efforts.

“We even get very good suggestions and ideas from our visitors,” Fleming said. “And that was something else we liked about this new water bottle initiative–it involves our guests as well, and they have always responded very positively to our various green initiatives.