Aug 31, 2016

Bell & Gossett Releases Fourth-Quarter Little Red Schoolhouse Schedule

Fourth-quarter courses tailored to commercial hydronic heating, cooling industries

Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand, released the fourth-quarter class schedule for its Little Red Schoolhouse (LRSH) learning center. Fourth-quarter classes are tailored toward commercial hydronic heating and cooling industries. More than 62,000 HVAC professionals have already earned credits toward green building certification through this training opportunity.

The LRSH’s systems-based training approach provides professional development for industry personnel with holistic solutions to customers in the HVAC industry. The in-person courses deliver knowledge on the latest advancements in centrifugal pumps and HVAC system design, and qualify for industry credentialing requirements. Since 1954, the learning center has excelled in the proper design, installation and maintenance of hydronic and steam systems.

“Demand for practical, hands-on experience with a focus on technological advances remains high,” said said Larry Konopacz, senior manager, technical training, Xylem. “B&G is proud to provide two strong options to gain valuable world-class training to the HVAC industry.”

The LRSH fourth-quarter schedule is a follows:

  • Steam System Design & Application Seminar – Sept. 26 to 28
  • Service & Maintenance of Water Based HVAC Systems Seminar – Oct. 3 to 5
  • Design & Application of Water Based HVAC Systems Seminar* – Nov. 7 to 9
  • Large Chilled Water System Design Seminar* – Nov. 14 to 16
  • Modern Hydronic Heating Systems Basic Seminar* – Dec. 5 to 7
  • Design & Application of Water Based HVAC Systems Seminar* – Dec. 12 to 14

*Seminar approved by GBCI to provide credit toward the credential maintenance requirements of the LEED Associate and LEED AP certifications.

As an alternative, the online LRSH training and educational program offers courses. It begins with introductory courses on centrifugal pump fundamentals and piping systems. Twenty-two self paced modules are intended to complement the more in-depth, hands-on experience students receive during the in-person courses. This offering includes a recently launched course focused on waterside economization where students can learn design fundamentals and how the 90.1 Energy Standard applies to waterside economization systems.

For continuing education credit information, seminar descriptions, representative information and enrollment, visit To sign up for seminars via the Online LRSH, visit