Aug 13, 2015

Bell & Gossett Releases Third-Quarter Little Red Schoolhouse Schedule

Both in-person and online training is available

Xylem Bell & Gossett Little Red Schoolhouse

Bell & Gossett announced its 2015 third quarter Little Red Schoolhouse seminar schedule for in-person training. The seminars provide system design training to engineers, wholesalers and contractors in the plumbing and hydronic heating and cooling industries.

Opened in 1954, the Little Red Schoolhouse offers seminars covering a range of topics tailored to different occupations in the industry. The completely equipped learning center has trained more than 60,000 engineers, contractors and installers in the proper design, installation and maintenance of hydronic and steam systems.

The Little Red Schoolhouse third quarter schedule is as follows:

  • Design & Application of Water-Based HVAC Systems Seminar – Sept. 28 to 30
  • Service & Maintenance of Water-Based HVAC Systems Seminar – Oct. 5 to 7
  • Modern Hydronic Heating Systems - Basic Seminar – Oct. 12 to 14
  • Modern Hydronic Heating Systems - Advanced Seminar – Oct. 19 to 21
  • Design & Application of Water-Based HVAC Systems Seminar – Nov. 9 to 11
  • Large Chilled Water System Design Seminar – Nov. 16 to 18
  • Steam System Design & Application Seminar – Dec. 7 to 9

Bell & Gossett’s education opportunities continue with virtual curriculum. Online Little Red Schoolhouse training and educational programming is available to a global audience. Programming begins with introductory courses on centrifugal pump fundamentals and piping systems. These courses are intended to complement the more in-depth, hands-on experience students get through in-person courses.