Bioterrorism Sparks Demand for Home Water Testing Kits as Countermeasure for Biochemical Attacks

Sales of WaterSafe(R) Testing Kits Double

Silver Lake Research Corp., manufacturers of WaterSafe(R) testing kits, announced that it is applying its patented process for water purity tests to the growing threat of chemical and biological terrorism.

Silver Lake Research is rapidly developing new tests for bacteriological contamination and chemical toxins to deal with growing concerns regarding bioterrorism. Sales of WaterSafe(R) kits have doubled in recent days as concerned families seek ways to eliminate some of the fear and uncertainty generated by the current crisis.

"Recent events have demonstrated the threat of mass exposure to biological and chemical contamination of the environment, including water," said Tom Round, Silver Lake Research's Director of Sales and Marketing. "Just a tiny amount of certain toxins can have consequences that are absolutely devastating. The early detection of contamination is crucial to preventing serious widespread damage, but without usable tests, most people have no reasonable way to detect the presence of these potentially deadly contaminants," Round concluded.

"WaterSafe(R) tests allow consumers to determine the safety of their home water supply with regard to pesticides, heavy metals and a variety of other dangerous substances," Round continued. "Just as important, after testing with WaterSafe(R), users can call a toll-free number included with the test kit to get professional advice on how best to handle the situation."

"Very shortly, we'll be offering a series of new tests especially designed for the post-Sept. 11 world. While public attention at the moment is focused on anthrax, any of a long list of chemical or biological toxins are available to would-be terrorists. And it's important to remember that ordinary water pollution remains a greater health concern. Also, consumers should be aware that, following in the wake of the recent terrorist attacks, some companies are taking advantage of widespread fears by offering products that can be potentially dangerous and provide misleading information. Consumers should make sure that products they purchase have been tested and validated for accuracy," Round concluded.

Silver Lake Research

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