Feb 05, 2015

Blue Angel Pumps Now Offers Focused Professional Product Lines

Blue Angel Pumps is launching a campaign to attract nationwide customers

Blue Angel Pumps, a professional line of sump and sewage pumps dedicated to the professional plumber, will be rolling out enhanced product lines nationally and initiating new branding activity in 2015. Backed by Wayne Water Systems, a Scott Fetzer/Berkshire Hathaway Co., its has expertise in moving large volumes of water.

The Blue Angel brand launch also will be supported by a new logo featuring a blue and yellow halo and the tagline “Professional Products for Professionals,” advertising, public relations and a social media campaign, as well as a redesigned, easier-to-navigate website at www.blueangelpumps.com

“The Blue Angel Pumps brand has a unique opportunity to bring the decades of experience of Wayne Water Systems to professional plumbing contractors,” said Jeremy Cantor, vice president of sales and marketing. “With durable, commercial-grade product lines designed for pros, a new national distributor network and dedicated salesforce, we are poised to take our professional lines to the next level.”

Blue Angel Pumps is launching several lines of portable, submersible and battery backup pumps, with incentive programs for contractors and distributors throughout 2015. Other product launches include smart pump technologies that call or text the homeowner or plumber about basement water conditions. The core of the product offerings is heavy duty pumps made with cast iron components that can endure tough commercial environments. Blue Angel Pumps also will launch a mobile app for the iPhone during the first quarter of 2015, with easy navigation of its product lines, program offerings and social media.

“We’ve gotten our feet wet in the Northeast, supporting plumbers and homeowners through the unprecedented demands of Hurricane Sandy,” Cantor said. “Now we are ready to help plumbers from coast to coast protect their customers’ homes.”