Apr 27, 2015

Bluewater Begins Global Rollout of Latest Water Purifier Series

The company launched the new models at WQA Aquatech USA 2015 in Las Vegas


Sweden-based Bluewater announced the global launch of three new water purifiers offering a balance of design personality, performance and price that give users a choice of devices. Bluewater launched its Scandinavian-designed new models at the WQA Aquatech USA 2015 water industry tradeshow in Las Vegas, Nevada, April 22 to 24.

The three water purifiers offer water purification technologies housed in ergonomic bodies in a cool grey color. With their compact, rounded shapes, the water purifiers are designed to be installed easily under a kitchen sink unit and provide easy filter change and maintenance access.

The company's smallest water purifier, Cleone, is a classic reverse osmosis unit that offers ease of purification. The mid-sized water purifier, Spirit, has a sleek, contemporary style to fit naturally into any home environment and deliver 3 liters of direct flow water per minute (43.2 gal per hour). The larger Bluewater Pro delivers 5.7 liters of water per minute (81.3 gal per hour) to professional users or those wanting a whole house water purification system. Both the Spirit and Pro models use SuperiorOsmosis technology.

“Bluewater’s fully functional, patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology enables users to purify tap water faster, on demand and at a higher purification grade with less wastage than our competitors, while removing practically all known potentially harmful contaminants,” said Niclas Wullt, managing director of the Swedish brand.