Nov 17, 2014

Bobble Supports Students in Banning Single-Serve Plastic Bottles on Campus

The initiative aims to decrease the 30 billion bottles ending up in U.S. landfills annually

Reusable, self-filtering water bottle brand bobble announced the expansion of its #WaterRevolution program -- an initiative that supports the ban of single-serve plastic water bottles on college campuses. The program is currently in effect on six college campuses across the country, and the brand plans to expand efforts next year.

As colleges nationwide are moving toward creating more sustainable campus environments, bobble is supporting this movement with its #WaterRevolution program. The brand has supported six student leaders and their classmates with the tools to facilitate a campus ban of single-serve water bottles: Hunter Holmes, who attends American University; Helia Bidad, who attends University of California Berkeley; Graham Turbayne, who attends Duke University; Danielle Faden, who attends Northwestern University; Dorothy Qian, who attends New York University; and Giselle Hart, who attends the University of New Hampshire. 

"As a company that focuses on taking care of oneself and the planet, bobble is committed to helping students eliminate bottled water waste from their campuses," said Martin Wolf, director of sustainability and authenticity for bobble. "Giving students resources to hone their activist spirits, including signage, presentations and reusable bottles, is exciting, and we hope their success in banning the bottle will prove how simple it can be to embrace the reusable water bottle movement."

"It's important for our generation to take initiative when it comes to the future of our planet. I'm thrilled to be a part of the #WaterRevolution and I'm excited to spread the word and encourage my classmates to join me in banning the sale of bottled water on our campus," Holmes said.

In spring 2014, bobble celebrated Harvard University's ban of bottled water with students and campus environmental groups who championed the change. To congratulate students, the company provided more than 2,000 reusable bottles and a campus water refill station.

“The #WaterRevolution program is designed for change-makers and leaders of the next generation, and through empowering students today, bobble is effecting change for generations of tomorrows,” the company said in a statement.