Bombardier Selects Goodrich Potable Water System for CRJ900

>According to Bruce Coggins, Goodrich's President, Deicing & Specialty Systems, "This innovative Potable Water System combines proven technologies and features into a total integrated solution for the CRJ900 aircraft. We were able to provide Bombardier with a one-source solution for its potable water needs on this aircraft. We have been building on our experience in water system components and gathering input from our customers to design our Potable Water Systems to be able to be expanded, or downsized, to address specific airplane configurations as needed."

The new 86-seat CRJ900 will be the second Bombardier aircraft certified with the Goodrich Potable Water System. Goodrich also supplies the complete Potable Water System for Bombardier's CRJ700 aircraft.

The system for the CRJ900 is pressurized, using aircraft ECS/APJU bleed air, plus an air compressor to supplement or replace the supply bleed air if necessary. In addition, the water temperature at the various outlet interfaces is controlled with localized heaters to provide accurate temperature control with reduced power requirements.

Goodrich developed its Potable Water System with added aircraft safety and comfort in mind. To ensure constant water temperatures, the system controllercontinuously monitors and controls water temperatures, monitors water levels,and shuts off power to system heaters in the event of abnormal current or water levels. Additionally, all components are protected against freezing with remotely controlled and monitored heaters. To reduce aircraft turnaround time, all servicing is available from a single port.

The control panel, located in the aircraft galley, contains all switches and circuit breakers for the system, as well as water level indication and warning lamps. The crew receives fault indications via the control panel, with specific LRU fault isolation information transmitted to the aircraft DCU for future action.

Goodrich Corp.

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