Apr 12, 2011

Bottled Water Company Aims to Lower Carbon Emissions

H2Orange will work with Green Mountain Energy Co. to further sustainability efforts

In celebration of Earth Month, H2Orange, a bottled water company funding academic scholarships at the University of Texas at Austin, will offset carbon dioxide emissions from key business activities in an effort to reduce its environmental impact. The bottled water company announced this week that it is continuing its partnership with Green Mountain Energy Co. to offset 100% of its CO2 through 2012.

H2Orange will extend its agreement with Green Mountain by purchasing Green-e Energy certified Renewable Energy Certificates and methane capture carbon offsets certified by Verified Carbon Standard and Climate Action Reserve. These purchases will offset carbon emissions produced from the bottle manufacturing factory in Kansas City, Kan ., electricity consumed in bottling the product and shipment and distribution of the H2Orange product to retailers. H2Orange has been purchasing the offsets from Green Mountain since the water company’s inception in 2010.

“We believe in what Green Mountain Energy Co. stands for. Purchasing offsets for the fuel and electricity we use in producing H2Orange, the Texas water that funds UT scholarships, makes sense and is a smart way to support sustainability,” said H2Orange Founder and President Steve Gurasich.

“Because Green Mountain Energy Co. is based out of Austin, Texas, we are excited to support H2Orange’s mission to provide scholarships to UT students while reaching environmental goals and exceeding environmental standards,” said Scott Martin, vice president of commercial services, Green Mountain Energy Co. “We are proud to support a company that is bringing improvements and opportunities to our fellow Texans. It also helps us further support our mission to ‘change the way power is made.’”

H2Orange’s efforts have helped the company offset approximately 1,220 metric tons of CO2. This is equivalent to:

• Taking nearly 3,000 cars off the road for one month;
• The amount of CO2 absorbed by more than 160,000 trees in one year; or
• More than 100,0000 houses turning off their lights for one week.