Mar 05, 2012

Bottled Water Company Offers Glass Bottle Delivery Option

Initiative aimed at consumers looking for alternatives to plastic bottles

Updated 11/18/19

DrinkMore Water has delivered the high-quality bottled water to homes and offices since 1993. Now the company is providing a new premium glass bottled water delivery service to meet growing consumer demand for non-plastic bottled water options.

According to DrinkMore Water, demand for non-plastic options has skyrocketed in the past few years as consumers seek alternative, BPA-free bottle options. Recognizing consumer demand, the company added a new product line of 5- and 3-gal glass water bottles to be delivered directly to homes and offices.

“Our customers love DrinkMore Water for many reasons – the great, clean taste of our water, our friendly staff and the fantastic customer service they provide, and the fact that we’re locally owned and operated. We thought that adding a glass bottled water delivery service option for our most purity-discerning customers was a logical next step,” said Bob Perini, CEO and president of DrinkMore Water.

A variety of factors contribute to growing consumer demand for water delivered in glass bottles, including the fact glass bottles will not leach chemicals into water. Glass is a non-porous and inert material, which means chemicals cannot leach from them. Another factor contributing to increased glass bottle demand is that water can safely be stored indefinitely in glass containers (provided they are stored out of the sunlight).

DrinkMore Water will provide the glass bottle service to consumers in the Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia metro area. The glass bottles provided by DrinkMore Water work with the same dispensers that use plastic bottles, so there is no need for a special water dispenser.