Bottled Water - A Force to be Reconed With

Health Becomes an Increasingly Influential Factor in Consumers' Choice of Soft Drink

Research and Markets has announced the addition of Global Bottled Water Report 2004 to its offering.

The increasing consumer demand for a healthy soft drink option and the greater awareness of the need to stay hydrated have driven the strong growth in bottled water globally. The global charge by bottled water has been supported by strong growth in bulk formats, such as water for coolers, small pack 'everyday hydration' in all corners of the globe. Access to safe water remains a challenge in many parts of the developing world. Here, bottled water is fundamentally relied upon through a variety of pack formats, sizes and distribution channels.

With a 10% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) in the years 1998 to 2003, bottled water has become a soft drinks force to be reckoned with. Consumption in 2003 was notably boosted by sustained price competition in the United States, the world's largest bottled water market by volume. Also boosting worldwide consumption in 2003, a summer heat wave across Europe helped support maturing and emerging markets alike. Meanwhile, in Asia, the rapid growth of China and India is shaping the global bottled water landscape.

As the rise of bottled water consumption illustrates, health is becoming an increasingly influential factor in consumers' choice of soft drink. Whilst bottled water has gained positively from this focus on well being, other soft drinks, most notably carbonates, have been criticized for, at times, high sugar content. In particular, the rising issue of obesity is a major challenge for the soft drinks industry. There are currently more than 300 million obese people in the world, according to the World Health Organization, and the high consumption of sugar rich soft drinks has been accused of contributing to this problem. Health issues are already influencing the dynamics of the soft drinks industry and this is likely to become more pronounced as time goes on. In this climate, bottled water remains a likely beneficiary.

The report covers:

1. Top ten global companies

2. Top ten global brands

3. Sparkling Vs still water

4. Small pack Vs bulk water

5. Clear analysis of the global bottled water market in 75 countries, plus others

6. Full market commentary on developments and trends

7. Chronology of developments by region, 2004

8. Historic market trends, 1998-2003

9. Comprehensive forecasts to 2008

This report is available online at

Research and Markets

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