Apr 19, 2012

Bottled Water Guide App Released

The cafeHydrate app was designed to help consumers differentiate between the multitude of bottled water choices

Michael Coman Design recently announced the availability of the firm's new app—cafeHydrate—on the App Store.

CafeHydrate is a bottled water buyer's guide app to be used on the iPhone and iPod touch. The newly available app was designed to help consumers learn about and appreciate the differences among all bottled waters so they can make an informed purchasing decision. 

Bottled water products have grown to a multi-billion dollar industry offering a variety of brands, packaging and price-points. Consumers are questioning if bottled is better than tap, which bottled waters are the best value and which are truly superior. The cafeHydrate app is meant to help consumers decide which product is best for their personal preference by providing easy to access product information and facts about bottled water. 

"Prior to developing the cafeHydrate app, I was perplexed by the lack of information available for bottled water," said Michael Coman, founder of Michael Coman Design and creator of the app. "I started researching facts and nutritional information for various brands, logging the data and periodically sharing findings with friends and family, which evolved into the cafeHydrate app."

Coman created cafeHydrate with two goals in mind: to provide an interesting and useful technology-based tool for consumers which will help clear up confusion surrounding the bottled water industry and to take a portion of the profits and use those to fund health and green non-profit projects.

CafeHydrate is committed to environmental stewardship and the health of our planet and will donate 1% of its total sales to non-profit organizations in support of health and environmental causes—clean water initiatives in particular.

Version 1 of the cafeHydrate mobile app contains hundreds of bottled waters marketed in the U.S., including domestic and imported brands. Additional countries and products will be added with each update of the app.

To find out more about the cafeHydrate app, you can read the original release here.