Sep 10, 2019

Adams County, Wis., Distributes Bottled Water Amid Flooding

The Wisconsin flooding coincides with coastal flooding as Hurricane Dorian sweeps through

The Wisconsin flooding coincides with coastal flooding as Hurricane Dorian sweeps through

Adams County, Wis., officials announced the county will distribute bottled water to residents with private wells that are impacted by floodwaters.

According to local news source NBC 15, the Adams County Emergency Management said the bottled water will be available Sept. 16 and Sept. 18 at the Big Flats Town Hall. The county recommends residents drink bottled water if their private well has been inundated by floodwaters. 

“Until you know your water is not contaminated, drink bottled water,” said Adams County Emergency Management’s Director Jane Gervais, according to ABC 27 news

The county also recommends that residents with impacted wells should wait for flooding to recede before they test their well water for bacteria contamination.

The Wisconsin flooding coincidences with flooding and high storm surge occurring in the Bahamas as Hurricane Dorian sweeps through. The Category 5 hurricane hit the Bahamas earlier this week before moving north to hit North Carolina, according to NPR. In some areas, the flooding rose to more than 6 ft above ground, leaving many residents of the Ocracoke, N.C., to rely on boat or helicopter rescue services. 

Ahead of the storm, the Water Quality Assn. warned of the potential impact on drinking water and offered recommendations to protect drinking water in the wake of floods. The association cautioned to have backup supplies of drinking water prepared in a flood event. Read the full release here. 

Learn more about managing risks associated with floodwater contamination of well water in this Q&A with the National Ground Water Association about groundwater contamination for well owners during flood events. 

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