Jul 07, 2015

Canada Cartage Provides Transportation Services for Project Water

The company transported 300,000 bottles of water

Canada Cartage Project Water transportation

Canada Cartage and its employees Paul Hanson, Upkhar Dhaliwal, Tom Burley and Everol Daley came together on June 24 to support Project Water, an Engage and Change initiative, founded by Jody Steinhauer. The program supplies bottled water to hundreds of front-line relief organizations in the Greater Toronto Area in an effort to fight the number of deaths caused by dehydration. More homeless people are at risk of dying of dehydration in the summer months than from exposure in the winter.

"Over 2, million bottles of water have been distributed since the program began 16 years ago and Canada Cartage's annual participation is essential to the overall success of the program," said Jody Steinhauer. "We are very grateful for their continued support."

Canada Cartage showed its annual support by sponsoring the program and by volunteering transportation services for the event. This year, Canada Cartage helped deliver 300,000 bottles of water from Nestle Canada to the Engage and Change parking lot for pick up by front-line relief organizations.

"We look forward to this event every year," said Paul Hanson, operations manager for Canada Cartage. "We have the experience needed to help make this a successful event and we are very proud to be part of this initiative."